Castagno Bruno s.a.s. di Castagno B.& C. S.r.l.



"Castagno Bruno s.a.s. di Castagno B.& C." is a company that operates, since 1912, in the production and packing of organic pastas, snacks, bran puffed products lines and organic wholegrain speciality . It is a continuously expanding company. It is a company that never stands still always exploring for new solutions and innovative approaches that would reinforce the value of the raw materials of quality and that of the strict and accurate working processes that they use.

The company exports its products to Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, Holland, Poland, Czek Republic, Spain, Sweden, Japan, India, Taiwan, Australia. The production is mainly based on pastas. The plant is located in Piedmont. Lowland Piedmont is a fertile agricultural region. The main agricultural products in Piedmont are cereals, including rice, representing more than 10% of national production, maize, grapes for wine-making, fruit and milk. "Castagno Bruno s.a.s. di Castagno B.& C." operates only on its own brand name label.

The office and the production plant are located in Giaveno. It is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Turin in the Italian region Piedmont, located about 35 km west of Turin. The factory is located in a very strategic geographical and economically convenient position, since it is few miles away from Turin which is a major manufacturer and transport centre, and this represents a big advantage for the transportation.

Among others, the company is also officially certified for the organic products production. Organic farming is regulated legally by EU legislative regulations in force CEE 834/2007 and subsequent amendments and integrations. "Castagno Bruno s.a.s. di Castagno B.& C." is inspected and certified by BIOAGRICERT S.R.L., a certification body authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Their complete production lene – from the raw materials and production cycles to the finished products is subject to a strict inspection performed by this certification body that verifies that their operator and their products have continued to comply with the certification criteria of CEE 834/2007 and subsequent amendments and integrations.


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